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jueves, 5 de julio de 2012

BANDIKORO (Mexico).rar

Excelente grupo de Música Afrocaribeña de Tulum, en el caribe mexicano sus integrantes son de diferentes parte del mundo con algunos mexicanos entre ellos.
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BANDIKORO Contemporary band with their feet submerged in ancient musical roots from the most remote corners of the world. Bandikoro bases their musical proposal on polyrhythmic African percussion extracted from the profound veins of these aged traditions, but transformed by the fusion with bold modern sounds. The balafon, an African instrument and grandfather of the marimba, is one of their most valued gems. Bandits of the third millennium, the integrants of this group are pursued for the shameless display of vigorous rhythms originating in the blackcontinent, such as the rumba and its afro Cuban derivates, along with the Colombian cumbia, the American rap, and the Jamaican reggae. The filibusters of this singular musical vessel could not have more dissimilar origins: Mexico, France, Sweden and the United States. The explosive mix of cultures, language and experiences creates a sought after loot of innovative harmonies. The contagiousness of this musical movement will not stop at nothing until achieving its principal objective: TO ENRAPTURE ALL OF YOUR SENSES.


PASSWORD : warlove4uculturalibre

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